Pumpkin Spice Protein Smoothie

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Hi everyone! Since it’s finally autumn and the flavor of the season is pumpkin spice I decided to make my own version of a pumpkin spice protein smoothie. This recipe is easy as pie and extremely tasty. If you aren’t a protein shake person but need to get the extra grams in this is a great way. Here’s the medley:

Pumpkin Spice Protein Smoothie

1/2 C pumpkin puree
1 scoop of Fitmiss Vanilla Chai protein powder
1/2 C almond milk (unsweetened)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
3-4 ice cubes
1 banana (optional)

Directions: Throw everything in a magic bullet or blender and puree’. For a more filling shake add a banana. Pour into any glass you like and enjoy! Don’t forget a funky colored straw 🙂




Not all Bacon is Created Equal

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I found this article in the Huffington Post and thought it was pretty cool. As a bacon fanatic, it’s good to know which brands taste better and are better for you. Here are the findings:

The Best & Worst Bacon Brands At Grocery Stores, According To Consumer Reports

Best In Show: Kirkland Signature Regular Sliced Consumer Reports: Kirkland Signature was the only brand Consumer Reports rated “Excellent.” It’s available only at Costco, and was in the midrange of price at 47 cents for each 2-slice serving. There’s a catch, though, even if you already have a Costco membership: it’s sold only in increments of four 1-pound packages.

Among The Best: Oscar Mayer Thick Cut Consumer Reports: Oscar Mayer’s Thick Cut came in second in the Consumer Reports test, with a “Very Good” rating. It’s a bit cheaper (at 42 cents a serving) and slightly lower in calories than the Kirkland.

Among The Best: Great Value Lower Sodium Consumer Reports: Walmart’s in-house brand, Great Value, came in third. It had lower sodium than all brands rated “Very Good” in the Consumer Reports taste test except Niman Ranch Maple Uncured, which costs nearly twice as much.

Among The Worst: Oscar Mayer Turkey Consumer Reports: Oscar Mayer’s turkey bacon got the highest ratings of the three in the Consumer Reports article, but it also had the most calories and sodium of the bunch.

Among The Worst: Jennie-O Turkey Consumer Reports: Jennie-O Turkey bacon got the second-lowest ratings of all bacons tested.

Worst In Show: Butterball Turkey Original Consumer Reports: Here’s the good news: Butterball Turkey Bacon is the cheapest and least caloric bacon tested by Consumer Reports, with just 25 calories in each 11-cent slice. The bad news? It tasted the worst.


Quick Note: Before you run to the store, check out what Self Magazine said about choosing bacon and staying health conscious.

The healthiest bacon choices are “uncured, reduced-sodium center cut bacon.”

So, depending on how serious you are about being Paleo… looking at HOW the bacon is made is definitely something to look at.

Anyways, happy bacon shopping!



FitMiss Protein Powder

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FitMiss is a health and fitness brand that offers supplements made specifically for women. Their logo is pink, the products are low carb, and the portions are perfect for us girls – what’s not to love!?

I first found out about their protein powder on Instagram following Chady Dunmore, a FitMiss brand ambassador and overall well known fitness expert. After researching more about the nutrition and taste (since it’s insanely hard to find a good tasting protein powder) I bought the Chocolate Delight flavor at GNC.

My Review

First of all – it’s still a protein powder so it’s no molten chocolate cake… BUT, that being said, it is by far my favorite one out there. I have tried tons of different kinds and this one tastes really good with just water or in a smoothie. After trying a protein powder made for women specifically, it will be hard to go back to any other kind. Here’s why:

  • It’s low carb, low calorie
  • One scoop fills me up
  • Tastes really good (I’ve tried the Chocolate Delight and Vanilla Chai)
  • It’s Gluten free and made with a vegetable based protein –> Paleo friendly!
  • It’s very low sugar

I also found their website to be a cool resource. They have diet tips, meal plans, motivation, recipes, and lots of other tools to help us girls be healthy and fit. For now, try out a couple smoothie recipes I crafted this week:

Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie

1 scoop FitMiss Chocolate Delight protein powder
1 C fresh strawberries, halved
1 T cocoa powder
1/4 C ice
1/2 C organic soy milk
(extra water if needed)

Directions: Blend all in a blender or magic bullet and enjoy!

Very Berry Smoothie

1 scoop FitMiss Vanilla Chai protein powder
3/4 C frozen triple berry fruit blend (with blueberries, blackberries and red raspberries)
1/4 C ice
1/2 C organic soy milk
(extra water if needed)

Directions: Blend all in a blender or magic bullet and enjoy!