Paleo gave me high cholesterol

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Good evening my Paleo warriors!

To my absolute shock, I recently found out that I have high cholesterol. I went in to get a blood test during a regular screening and was floored when the Dr. told me that I needed to change my eating habits immediately to lower my bad LCL (which are the bad fats in your system).


I researched extensively to find that many of the foods that combat poor cholesterol are non-paleo foods such as oatmeal, brown rice, kidney beans, and fiber-filled foods. So, because I am way too young to be taking daily pills and the doctor indicated the condition was purely food-related, I have sadly decided to end my Paleo journey.

I have high hopes that this change will help because during my research I learned that other Pale-eaters ended up with high cholesterol as well and after going off Paleo, they were back to their normal healthy selves.

I am sad to leave this blog, but am doing so with no regrets as it has truly helped me become more health-conscious and nutrition focused. Lastly, since our overall well-being and health is top priority I leave you with a warning to really monitor how you are doing on Paleo. Every person is different so no matter what your eating habits are now or in the future, please take the time to watch out for number one. Until my next blog…


Paleo Princessa


13 Facts about the Paleo Diet

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I found this great article in the Huffington Post that helps clarify many misconceptions out there on the Paleo Diet. I couldn’t find a better way to say it, so here’s the article in full below featuring 13 Facts about the Paleo Diet:

1. It’s Not Just Plates Full Of Bacon: Yes, the paleo diet involves eating meat, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll just be eating bacon and eggs for every meal. Protein is important, nutritionist Sarah Ramsden advises, but your diet needs to include healthy carbohydrates and fats as well. “You really only need to be eating as slide_328875_3203302_freemuch protein as you need to recover from your day to day activities,” she says.

2. It Can Be Easier On The Digestive System: Many people feel an improvement of digestive symptoms once they switch to a paleo-influenced diet, Ramsden says, perhaps because it involves the cutting dairy and grains. “People report that persistent bloating, gassiness, and general discomfort clears up, thanks to the elimination of grains, legumes, and dairy,” she says, “which for many people have a negative impact on digestive health.”

3. It’s More Than Just A Diet: “Paleo is more than just a diet, it’s a lifestyle,” Ramsden says. For example, fitness and physical activity are encouraged. There is a focus on energy and getting quality sleep to ensure optimum health. And stress management is another area where work is done, she said. Paleo h3as a lot to do with what you eat, but Ramsden explains that it looks at improving or removing all of the unhealthy aspects of our culture.

4. It Might Help With Autoimmune Disorders: Ramsden first discovered paleo when she was looking at holistic ways to treat multiple sclerosis, and says she’s had success that shows up in her scans. “The typical Canadian diet is very inflammatory,” she says. There is some evidence that a paleo-focused diet can help with other autoimmune disorders as well.

5. You Don’t Have To Join A CrossFit Gym: A lot of people instantly think of CrossFit, the intense exercise program that focuses on strength, endurance and flexibility, when they think of the paleo diet, and vice versa. But while many CrossFitters do eat paleo, for a variety of reasons, you don’t have to fling tires around to give the diet a try.

6. It Can Help With Your Energy: When you cut out sugar and refined carbs, your metabolism and blood sugar can become more stable, which means you’ll have a more constant supply of energy. For that reason, going Paleo can help you fight that 3 p.m. crash. “It’s the kind of diet to really help give you energy throughout the day,” Ramsden says.

7. Paleo Can Help You Fight Sugar Cravings: Always looking for slide_328875_3203380_freea chocolate bar? Because it eliminates sugar and encourages you to eat in a way that keeps blood sugar stable, the paleo diet can cut that “hangry” feeling and reduce sugar cravings, Ramsden says.

8. You Can Give It A Shot: If the idea of a wholesale switch is scary, Ramsden suggests committing to switching to a paleo-influenced diet for 30 days, then seeing what your results are and deciding on going forward from there. She is a Canadian representative for Whole 30, a “diet reset” program that aims to help followers decrease inflammation and improve metabolism health, among other benefits, and suggests a guided program as a way to test out paleo.

9. The Fats You Eat Are Healthy: Yes, there are fats in some of the foods more common on the paleo diet, for example, in eggs. But the point is to get healthy fats, Ramsden advised, particularly healthy animal fats from a healthy source.

10. You Should Add In Fermented Foods: Fermented foods are a great addition to any diet, including the paleo diet. Choices like kimchi and sauerkraut are full of healthy bacteria that will help with digestion and may improve your immune functioning.

11. You’ll Want Quality Sources Of Protein: Don’t just run to the supermarket for the cheapest cuts you can find, Ramsden advises. Because animal fat can store unhealthy additives like the hormones that may have been used to raise animals, you’ll want protein from as clean and high-quality a source as you can get. “Peslide_328875_3203387_freeople need to balance their budget with the cost of a better quality animal protein,” she says. If you are buying conventionally raised meat, go for leaner cuts with less fat.

12. It’s Not Necessarily Low Carb: Yes, paleo involves cutting out grains and legumes, which are sources of carbs. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have no carbohydrates in your diet — or that you should, for that matter. Root veggies like taro have carbs, as do other vegetables like broccoli and fruits like berries. “The low-carb myth also comes from the fact that we load up on pasta, bread, etc. to fuel life at our desk jobs,” Ramsden says. “We tend to eat far too many carbs to suit our activity levels, which has a significant impact on our health.”

13. It’s Friendly For The Gluten Intolerant: Because paleo diets cut out carbs like wheat and barley, which both contain gluten, it can be a good diet for those who need to or wish to avoid gluten. It’s also a way to see how your body responds if you remove gluten from your diet, or at least cut it back.


Source – The Huffington Post, Canada

What is the Paleo Diet?

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The Paleo Diet is commonly referred to as the “Caveman Diet” because it consists of foods that date back to the caveman era. It includes fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, lean meats, nuts, natural oils, and eggs – essentially, foods that come straight from nature. The diet omits all processed foods, unnatural sugars and chemicals. It also omits diary and wheat products. This is because the cavemen lived before agriculture was invented so it asks us to stay away from farm-related foods.

Going Paleo will help you fuel your body with good nutrition. You’ll feel better, gain energy, and most likely lose weight! For more about the Paleo Diet I recommend checking out the Ultimate Paleo Guide.