The Adventures of Ta and Boddington


A new set of wonderful children’s books were just released by author, James Zwerneman. The series features two cavemen and their adventures in the ‘Unknown’. This is relevant to Paleo Princessa because Paleo-friendly foods are featured throughout. After all… the paleolithic era was the caveman era.

Anyways, for those of you with kids ages 5-9, these books are a good find. And, who knows! Maybe the extra exposure to eating like cavemen may inspire healthy habits starting at a young age.

Available online at Wiggins Press, here’s the description:

Join Ta and Boddington as they help their tribe grow.  This is a world where all the rules are up for grabs, and friendly woolly mammoths—and not-so-friendly saber toothed tigers!—lurk around every corner.  We promise, you’ve never encountered a series quite like this.



One thought on “The Adventures of Ta and Boddington

  1. Dear Princessa,
    These books look great! I’m definitely checking these books out!
    Thanks for the lead. I’m always looking for great kids books to read with all my pint sized friends.


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