7 Ways to Make Bacon

Cooking, Diet, Paleo, Snack

Any Paleo warrior knows that bacon is a key staple in our diet. It’s delicious, it’s filling, and it’s dynamic (usable in sooo many different recipes). Here are 7 different ways to make bacon at home.

  1. On the stove
  2. In the oven
  3. In the microwave   
  4. On a griddle
  5. On the grill
  6. On a George Foreman
  7. In the waffle maker!

I’m keeping the post short and sweet because the two sources I pulled from today already did an excellent job describing their cooking techniques. I definitely encourage you to visit the kitchn and one good thing. The second site is very thorough and it even includes ways to use the left over bacon fat.

I would say ‘enjoy!’ but already I know you will since after all, it’s bacon. 🙂


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