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One of the main reasons a lot of people decide to go Paleo is to lose weight. There’s no shame in that! In fact, taking the first step and making that decision to become the best version of yourself is empowering and incredible. BUT… what’s your next step?

To accomplish your goals you’ll need tools and planning. I’ve already given you several tips and tools through past posts and on my Fitness Calculators page. But, there’s another resource I highly recommend.

Slim for Life: by Jillian Michaels

This book is an EXCELLENT resource. It’s filled with tons of tips to handle hunger, 20150910_202405ways to fit in your workouts, cook healthier, and lots more. Jillian really thinks outside the box on this one and provides dozens of tools to help you meet your weight-loss goals and stay there. I, personally, have read this book multiple times and take away something new each time.

Quick comment on her Paleo philosophy. She doesn’t support taking away major food groups like dairy or grain so therefore, she doesn’t promote going Paleo. However, for those who are gluten-free, lactose intolerant, or those who have found that Paleo works for them (like me!) you can simply ignore her one paragraph covering this topic and soak up her wisdom in the rest of the book.

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Resource

  1. Oh damn I need this in my life… I’ve got the other book of “The Real Meal Revolution”, It’s not her that wrote it though, but it also tells you a lot and gives you loads of tips, meal programs and workout programs. It goes into detail where some books may leave out a few things… That’s also why the book is so huge. But I’m certainly going to get hold of Jillian’s book 🙂


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