Create a Balanced Paleo Meal Plan

Diet, Paleo

For the first month of going Paleo I recommend tracking what you eat. Why? Because I want you to not only feel full, but also learn how different foods break down in your body. Understanding which foods are carbs, fats, and proteins is crucial to creating a balanced diet for yourself.

Below are a couple resources to help you find out how many calories you need per day and how many grams of each macronutrient.  After one month of tracking your foods and following your diet, you’ll have a good idea of what to eat daily without tracking calories. To create your own daily Paleo Meal Plan follow these 3 steps:

1. Find your Caloric Needs

Use this Macronutrient Calculator to find out how many calories you need a day. Click the red button and enter your information. Then ‘Use that Value’ and select your diet. I like the Zone Diet or Low Carb Diet for Paleo eaters because we are training our bodies to get energy from (good) fats more than carbs. Now, write down numbers for the following:

– Daily Calories
– Carbohydrates, grams per day
– Protein, grams per day
– Fat, grams per day

2. Add Up your Foods

Next, download my Paleo Meal Planner. This planner is an example diet created for you to change and edit. I want you first edit the Total Calories, Fat, Protein, and Carbs (to the numbers you found in step 1). Then add or subtract Paleo Approved foods that you like until you meet your daily caloric needs.

Tip: Try making 3 to 4 different daily Paleo Meal Plans so you have options throughout the week!

3. Track your Progress

Print out your Paleo Meal Plan. Having it handy will help you stay on track. You can also check off each meal as you eat throughout the day.

Tip: If you find yourself straying from your Paleo Meal Plan look back to see where you went wrong. Are there habits – like a particular meal or a certain time of day where you didn’t check off your meal? Adjust it to make your plan fool proof. Swap these meals out for other foods you like more or move up the time you eat an hour. I always say…

“If you aren’t excited about what you are eating,
you won’t follow your diet plan.”


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