6 Health benefits of Asparagus

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Happy Monday everyone! I am reliving this amazing Paleo Feast from Saturday night consisting of fresh Alaskan salmon, sauteed asparagus, and my ohh so easy Cinnamon Baked Banana (for dessert). Everything was so simple to prepare and so incredibly delicious!

Now, most people would focus on the gorgeous salmon filet, but today I want to explore asparagus and why it may be a good idea to incorporate it into your diet.

a line of asparagus
According to an article from Medical News Today, asparagus “is one of the best natural sources of folate” and with that comes some key health benefits:


6 Health Benefits of Asparagus

1. Decreased risk of birth defects (when consumed during pregnancy)
2. Lowered risk of depression
3. Maintaining a healthy heart
4. Osteoporosis prevention
5. Cancer prevention
6. Better Digestion

Read more about the benefits of asparagus and find ways to easily incorporate it into your cooking HERE.


7 Ways to Make Bacon

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Any Paleo warrior knows that bacon is a key staple in our diet. It’s delicious, it’s filling, and it’s dynamic (usable in sooo many different recipes). Here are 7 different ways to make bacon at home.

  1. On the stove
  2. In the oven
  3. In the microwave   
  4. On a griddle
  5. On the grill
  6. On a George Foreman
  7. In the waffle maker!

I’m keeping the post short and sweet because the two sources I pulled from today already did an excellent job describing their cooking techniques. I definitely encourage you to visit the kitchn and one good thing. The second site is very thorough and it even includes ways to use the left over bacon fat.

I would say ‘enjoy!’ but already I know you will since after all, it’s bacon. 🙂

2 Ways to use Coconut Oil in your Beauty Routine

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Hello again. As promised, my guest blogger Annie is back to talk about 2 Ways to Use Coconut Oil in your Beauty Routine. You’ll find she’s a total beauty guru and coconut oil expert so – hope you enjoy her advice as much as I did!


As a lotion:

I have neutral skin (neither extremely dry nor super oily), and coconut oil works perfectly for me as a lotion. It’s even gentle enough to use as a face lotion.

Directions: Take a little of the coconut oil in your hands. It doesn’t matter if it is in solid form or liquid form. The natural heat of your body will melt it. Rub it on your hands, and then use as a lotion anywhere on your body.

Tip: I love using it after shaving because it leaves your skin soft, glowing, and smelling delicious.

As a deep conditioner:

Coconut oil has natural fats that seep deep into the shaft of your hair, making it softer, stronger, smoother, and shinier. Its high saturated fat content enables your hair to grow faster, restores dry skin on your scalp (goodbye, dandruff!), and boosts the protein content of your hair which makes your hair look prettier. Coconut oil can even get rid of lice!! Ok, ok, enough singing its praises, let’s talk about how to do this coconut oil deep conditioner thing. Coconut oil becomes a liquid at 78 degrees F, so if it’s solid, run the closed jar under warm water or put a tablespoon (or a little more depending on your hair length) in a bowl to microwave. Using your hands, run it through your hair until saturated.

Frequency: Every 1-2 weeks, apply the coconut oil and let it sit 30-45 minutes on your scalp and hair. Follow with a thorough shampoo and conditioning of your whole head. I tend to do it just once a month. I just like to keep up with it so my hair keeps growing longer and stronger.

Directions: Start with dry hair. Comb your hair so you’re not fighting tangles as you bring the coconut oil through your hair. Begin at your scalp. Dip your fingers into the oil (it’s like finger painting on your head, so get your fingers good and soaked), and apply the coconut oil into your scalp and roots. The key to remember here is, “a little goes a long way”. As your roots become wet, work the oil from the roots towards the middle of the hair shaft. Keep getting more oil on your fingers as you work your way down to the ends so that your hair is evenly covered with the oil. Take special care with extra dry or damaged sections of your hair, but don’t over-soak them. It will be difficult to wash it out later. I like this tutorial even though I use my fingers instead of a brush.

Once your hair is covered in the oil, blow dry it for 3-5 minutes until your hair is warm all over. This opens the hair shaft allowing the coconut oil to sink in and do its job most effectively. After that, I let my hair soak up all that coconutty goodness for 30-45 minutes. While I’m waiting, I throw my hair up in a bun and work out or cook or watch a show.

Washing: Just shower as regular. Use your regular shampoo and conditioner when you wash the coconut oil from your hair. Be sure you’re thorough and wash all of your head and hair (even to the ends). If you don’t wash it all the way out, your hair gets a little funky and you have to go take another shower.


Enjoy your happy hair!