10 Easy Paleo Snacks

Diet, Paleo, Snack

Hi everyone! Here are 10 super easy Paleo snack ideas. I kept it simple to help those short on time. Also, I like to stock up on all or some of these items so there’s always a Paleo snack handy. Trust me – by preparing and shopping smart in advance, you’ll help yourself stick to your diet!

  1. A Larabar – flavor of your choice!
  2. Bare Cinnamon Banana chips
  3. Apples dipped in organic Almond Butter
  4. Dark chocolate chips and raspberries
  5. Canned tuna with avocado
  6. Frozen blueberries
  7. Beef jerky (original flavor and with the least additives possible)
  8. Smoked salmon and a pear
  9. Almonds and oranges
  10. Bacon, bacon, bacon

10 easy paleo snacks

Tip: Make a pound of bacon every Sunday. Then you’ll have slices ready to grab whenever you need.


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