Guest Blogger: Annie

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Hello everyone! I am super excited to introduce a new guest blogger and my beautiful, amazing, fabulous sister – Annie. Annie is a recent college grad currently working and living in Washington DC. She is a total fashionista, fitness hero and Paleo lover. I hope you enjoy her words as much as I do!! More to come later.


Hi guys! I’m Annie. Today I want to talk about Almond Butter.

“One of my new favorite snacks.”

Now that I’m Paleo, I’ve been having a difficult time not eating peanut butter. Peanut butter used to be my easy way to get a punch of deliciousness plus some protein for energy, but Paleo Law forbids peanut butter. See why HERE.

I was really bummed about this no-peanut butter thing, but then I found almond butter! It’s thicker than peanut butter. It doesn’t actually taste like peanut butter at all, so don’t expect almond butter to exactly replace peanut butter. If you try it with an open mind, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It has even higher protein content than peanut butter, and a more powerful taste too.


I like eating it by itself, but today, I tried almond butter with apples, and it was mouth-wateringly tasty! It’s my new favorite snack/dessert/breakfast.

Au revoir, legumes, you aren’t paleo and you’ve been replaced!



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